I really need a job. Surely it would be better for me to apply to as many agencies as possible and also to remain on CV banks.

No, it really wouldn’t. Imagine yourself as the recruiter within a large organisation. How would you feel if you saw the same person’s details a dozen times? It makes you look desperate. Your job search should be carefully planned.

I worked with an agency before and they didn't help me. Why should I try that route again?

Although no agency can guarantee to get you a job, we develop relationships with our candidates for the long haul. We guarantee that we will be honest with you. If we don’t think we can help, we will tell you. If we are going to keep your details speculatively, we will tell you. And if we tell you we think we will be able to find your next role, we really mean it.

Where can I find help with brushing up on my interview skills, and getting my CV sorted?

Register with us in the first instance and browse our site for additional information. We will also do our best to get you set up for success, and will help you with both your CV and interview preparation.

I am worried that you might be working for my employer and they may find out that I am considering a career move. Can you reassure me?

We may well be working with your current employer. However, we have a duty of care in law to respect your confidentiality in the same way that we must respect your employer’s confidentiality. Were we to breach your trust in this way our reputation would be in tatters and we could be heavily censured by our regulator, the Employment Agencies Standards Office.

You have said that I should not register with too many agencies. I am already registered with four. Therefore, I really shouldn't register with you, should I?

If you are looking for a role in one of the specialist sectors that we operate in, then JBS should be your first port of call. The other reason we say don’t register with too many is that some of these firms will send your CV out without your knowledge and approval, causing duplication. JBS will never send your CV out to an organisation without discussing it first, unless we have already secured your agreement to send it out speculatively. We consider your future, your career path and take those steps with you.

How do I get paid?

You have a few options. We can pay you as an employee using PAYE, or if you’re self-employed we can pay you using the CIS scheme, or if you have your own limited company we can pay directly into your business.

When do I get paid?

You work one week in hand and get paid weekly, on a Friday, any time before 5.00pm. For example, if you started working with JBS on Monday, 1st of the Month, your first pay day would Friday, 12th where you would be paid for your first week, and then you would get paid each Friday thereafter.

Do I need CSCS to work on a Construction site?

Yes, all construction sites require you to have a minimum of a CSCS Certificate and ideally the CSCS Card. This can be obtained by getting in touch with the CITB

Do I need to be qualified to apply?

This depends on the position you are applying for, but if you aren’t qualified, we would expect you to have equivalent experience in the same or a similar role. For more information on what experience you need for specific positions please get in touch with the Resource Team 020 8872 4380

Do I need to have Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to work in Construction?

You must possess as a minimum your own Hard Hat, High Visibility Vest and Steel Toe Cap Boots to comply with the health and safety rules on the construction site. Any additional PPE required will be supplied to you.


How can I get an Airside Pass?

We have a dedicated compliance team and each candidate will be given an experienced compliance officer who will be working with you to complete your airside pass application. Once you have been issued with a full airside pass we will not need to issue you a new one for another five years.

What is required for an airside pass?

  • Valid Photo ID and proof of national insurance number
  • Contact information and dates for the last five years for:
    – Previous employment
    – Education establishments
    – Benefit claims
    – Personal references or accountant information.

(If you haven’t got this information you may be required to apply for your employment history or self-employment proof from the HMRC.)

  • UK basic disclosure – If you have spent more than six months outside of the UK within the last five years an overseas criminal record check will be required
  • General Security Awareness Training (GSAT) completion certificate – JBS will provide you with an online link to complete the GSAT. This is mandatory training that all full airside pass holders have to undertake to ensure their knowledge meets the CAA (civil aviation authority) standards.

How long will it take to get my Full airside pass?

This can vary depending on:

  • If you have provided us with all the information we need on your application form.
  • How quickly your CRC is returned.
  • How quickly you complete your GSAT.
  • How quickly and correctly your referees return our reference request forms

Can I start work before I have my full airside pass?

Yes, we are able to issue you with a temporary/escorted pass for the first 60 days. This will mean that you will have to be escorted/ supervised by a full pass holder at all times whilst airside.

Do you offer permanent jobs?

The majority of our roles are ongoing contracts however, a large percentage of our staff are taken on directly during their contract. Once you have your full airside pass, this will allow flexible transfers between the many companies JBS are partnered with.

Is there discounted parking or travel available?

There is discounted travel available for airport ID holders. Parking prices vary depending on the airport and client you are contracted to. Please call our office for more information.

Do I get a uniform?

This will depend on your job role and the client you are contracted to. In some circumstances full uniform is provided, and in others you will be required to provide your own uniform. More information will be given at point of interview.

What if I want to make a complaint?

We welcome feedback as a means of continuously improving our service. Please address all complaints or compliments to Michelle Boston, Office Manager who will take any action necessary to address any issues. Head office: 0208 872 4380      Email: michelle@jbsrecruit.com


Why should we choose JBS?

Because we break the mould. Whilst we use the latest technology to attract candidates and streamline our processes, underpinning this is our old-fashioned commitment to and belief in service first. We are not a ‘bums on seats recruitment agency’, everything we do is geared to developing long term partnerships, whether you are a client or a candidate.

Why should we use an agency to recruit?

We have the infrastructure, processes and platforms to get the right people in the right place at the right time. Companies can absolutely recruit directly, but if it isn’t your core business, if you don’t have the specialist expertise, then it might take you longer, and cost more to get the people you need.

How quickly can you fill a job?

Our infrastructure, systems and processes have been engineered to deliver people fast. We work in industries where the unexpected happens, and where reputation, and significant sums can be lost if resource isn’t available when a crisis hits. That’s why we specialise in highly responsive recruitment, and we have delivered people to clients within 6 hours when needed.

What recruitment services do you offer?

We offer a range of recruitment solutions, which include:

  • Contingent recruitment
  • Multiple hiring: for 5 + vacancies
  • Contracting: for short-term hiring
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing: fully managed recruitment service

What sectors or industries do you recruit for?

We have grown and developed our presence across multiple sectors, but only if this can be done whilst continuing to deliver on our commitment of outstanding service to our clients and candidates. Today, we provide resource to the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Mechanical and Electrical
  • Civil Engineering
  • Facilities Management
  • Industrial
  • Aviation

Where will you advertise my job vacancy?

Via our digital channels we can access candidates that no other recruitment agencies can.

Our website also attracts, large numbers of visitors per month; we have close relationships with the leading regional job boards; plus our Facebook company page has over xx subscribers.

By harnessing a combination of these networks, we can target your job advert to be seen by candidates that match your specific needs.

How do you recruit your candidates?

We only source relevant candidates local to our sites/ airports using a variety of tried and tested methods. Each candidate is met in person by a JBS representative and screened for suitability before joining the team.

How do we return timesheets?

Timesheets will be sent to yourselves weekly, these are to be returned to timesheets@jbsrecruit.com by Tuesday 3pm each week.

How are invoices raised?

We will raise invoices against timesheets that are completed by an authorised colleague within your company as agreed prior to start dates.

We can be flexible in meeting the payment terms agreed with your current suppliers.

What are your payment terms?

Our standard payment terms are 14 days from date of invoice. However, we carry out a Credit Check on your Company when setting you up with an account and agree terms subject to your credit rating.

How do you communicate with your clients?

JBS will be pleased to discuss your requirements at any time. In order to maintain a successful working relationship we request that we hold regular meetings, (usually quarterly), to discuss the service we have provided.

What if I have a reason to complain?

We welcome feedback as a means of continuously improving our service. Please address all complaints (or compliments) to our Office Manager, Michelle Boston who will progress the communication.

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